SMOTR-V Spacecraft

Gazprom AIT Facility



Planned for launch in

10 years


SMOTR-V is a state-of-the-art Earth remote sensing spacecraft with combined payload capable to solve a wide range of production and environmental tasks.

  • Trunk pipelines protective zones monitoring
  • Control of objects under construction on the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad (upon customer’s request)
  • Cartography and monitoring of the licensed sites and other infrastructural facilities
  • Detection of greenhouse gas emissions (methane leakages)

  • Efficient ecological control

  1. Satellite gas analyzer
  2. Electro-optical equipment for multispectral and panchromatic survey
  3. Solar arrays
Satellite orbit sun synchronous
Orbit altitude 480 km
Optical camera spatial resolution 0,5 m
Gas analyzer sensitivity 250 kg/h

  • Ultra-high resolution electro-optical instrumentation (EOI) will ensure multispectral and panchromatic images of the Earth surface for geotechnical and environmental monitoring of industrial facilities located throughout the Russian Federation including hard-to-reach regions;
  • Satellite gas analyzer (SGA) will ensure prompt detection of sources of methane emissions in the atmosphere as well as determination of their intensity.

The SMOTR-V Spacecraft will ensure timely detection of methane emissions by high spectral resolution imaging in the infrared range with reference to geospatial coordinates and quantitative determination of emissions .


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