Technological Complex

Technological Complex

The SC AIT Facility assembly site will accommodate state-of-the-art equipment with a high level of process flow automation.

All output products will undergo a multi-level control: the unique test facilities will simulate the impact of the load factors generated by launch vehicles during spacecraft launch.


The Thermal Vacuum Chamber is designed to:

  • perform spacecraft thermal balance and thermal cycling tests;
  • test spacecraft pneumatic pipelines for leakages.
Key performances:
  • Ultimate vacuum: 1×10−7mbar;

  • Operating temperature range: from -170°С to +150°С;

  • Max overall dimensions of the device under test: 7,5 × 3,5 × 3 m;

  • Max weight of the device under test: 3500 kg.


The Anehoic Chamber is designed to:

  • perform spacecraft radio-frequency tests via an open channel;
  • perform spacecraft antennae stand-alone tests;
  • perform spacecraft onboard equipment electromagnetic-compatibility tests.
Key performances:

  • Anechoic Chamber dimensions: 17 × 24 × 22 m;
  • Shielding efficiency: 100 dB;
  • Anechoic level: 45 dB;
  • Operating frequency range: from 1 GHz up to 40 GHz.


The Shaker is designed to perform automated vibration and shock tests along three axes of the spacecraft.

Key performances:
  • Vibration frequency range: from 5 to 2000 Hz
  • Generated vibration force: up to 300 kN


The Reverberation Acoustic Chamber is designed to perform automated acoustic tests of spacecraft by means of a homogeneous acoustic field.

The Acoustic Chamber generates noise created by such launch vehicles as ARIANE5&6, ATLAS V, PROTON, SOYUZ, FALCON 9, PSLV, VEGA, etc. during the launch.

Key performances:
  • Chamber volume: 955.92 cubic m
  • Max overall sound pressure level: 153 dB
  • Frequency range: from 25 to 10 000 Hz


The Mass Properties Measurement System measures spacecraft mass, center of gravity and moment of inertia.

Key performances:
  • Mass of the device under test is up to 3500 kg.

The Technological Complex also includes: Solar Array Deployment Rig, Data Acquisition System, technological hoisting and handling equipment, standard technological equipment, etc.

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